Do Not Interact If:

- You don't support Neopronouns/Xenogenders

- You're a "johnliker" (a transmysoginist)

- You're ableist/racist/transphobic/homophobic etc etc

- You're a MAP/NOMAP/Pedophile (Consider diving in front of a semi-truck instead)

- You're against the BLM movement

Before You Follow:

- I try to tag things/use tonal indicators but I have ADHD and a poor memory. If I ever forget to do either please politely tell me, I promise it's not intentional

- If you've DMed me and I haven't responded I probably haven't seen it, @ me or otherwise poke me and I'll respond as soon as I can!

- I'm 18, I don't really follow straight up NSFW accounts on here but I may make dirty jokes/generally talk adult shit. If you're not comfy with that then feel free to sb me (though I'd appreciate a DM saying this is why so I know.)
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